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Below are a list of the most frequently asked questions about Give and Fund.

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  1. How much time does it take for a project to be funded?

    The funding process may last from one week to two months. Generally there is greater efficiency in projects where there is high activity in the first 2 weeks and the rest 2-6 weeks involve mainly updates and renewals by the creator.

  2. Do I have to offer rewards?

    In Life projects, it is not necessary to offer rewards. In some cases though, a simple reward like a photograph, a card or a souvenir may add to the emotional involvement of people. Start-up projects, however, do require a reward. Please read on the relevant FAQs section.

  3. What is the best number of rewards, is there a minimum and a maximum?

    Usually the rewards vary between three and eight levels.

  4. Why would someone support me?

    Because they will learn about the idea or project that you want to deploy! Because through GIVE&FUND they will be able to do so very easily! Because there are people out there who may be willing to support you, if you ask them and help them believe in you and your cause. Because you will approach them with a simple, straightforward, honest and dignified manner.

  5. Who shall I talk to ?

    First of all, you should try to approach people from your family and friends, your contacts in social media. Most of them are people who know and trust you and possibly already know you are trying to start the specific project and may be glad to support you.
    Through them, there will be people who either know you or not that will support you, because what you do may touch them on a personal and emotional level.

  6. What does the success of a project depend on?

    Whether, and to what extent people will support you depends highly on you, but to an even greater extent on how well you can share with others your ideas and thoughts with enthusiasm. Your own personal involvement in the presentation of the project and your arguments are of high importance. Keeping your webpage and presentation live, providing updates and insights, thanking your supporters in an enthusiastic manner are also very important to the development of the project.

  7. Asking for money from friends and acquaintances seems to me very uncomfortable. Isn’t it like begging? Begging for help?

    If you feel uncomfortable sharing your dreams and goals with other people then you do not have to do this! 

    The platform, in any case, does not accept projects that appeal or cause psychological pressure to reach their goals. This approach is not appropriate.

    However, if you create a simple, direct, even fun presentation for your project,  if this is something that is compatible to your topic and enrich the presentation with video, pictures and a good description of what you ask for and for what reason, it is in the sole discretion of each relative, friend or anyone else to support you. This crowdfunding platform  gives you all the tools that allow you to ask for support from people who share your goal with simplicity, immediacy and dignity. And, of course, it gives you the opportunity to thank them directly for this, and why not, becoming a supporter and advocate for a project which may get your own attention!

  8. Do I need to set a financial objective?

    Yes, this is absolutely necessary.

  9. If I do not achieve the economic goal I asked for what happens to the money offered by my supporters?

    In life projects the project creator gets the money he or she has collected, regardless of the achievement of the financial objective.

  10. How I am sure that I will get the money?

    The money of your supporters goes to your personal PayPal account, which you can check personally from your computer. If you don’t have an account at PayPal, you can make one in just a few minutes ago (look here for more information).

  11. How much do you charge for your services?

    The G&F charge supply is 4.5 % + 0.20 cents of euro/dollar or any other currency we serve, from each levy, PayPal 3.4 % +0,30 euro from the money that covers the each author automatically. The above commission should be calculated adding a floating output VAT 23% on only the commissions and not on the amount of funding. Project creators  will need to calculate the VAT which corresponds to approximately 1-2 % of the total funding for authors residing within the European Union. For creators who come from countries outside the European Union charging VAT or any other tax cannot be ruled out but this will depend on the country or State of origin of each creator. In such cases VAT charges will be refunded after the completion of the project. 
    In addition to the fee of GIVE&FUND there are specific charges being made by the PayPal.

  12. Are there any other charges?

    No, there are no other charges other than the commission of this platform charges and the charges PayPal. All the rest is your own money.

  13. When is my money released?

    The money in your PayPal account can usually be transferred to your bank account within 1-3 working days.  PayPal specific policies and procedures apply.

  14. Can I upload more than one project simultaneously and ask for funding?

    No, it is best to focus on one project each time, to get more chances of success. If there is any compelling reason to upload a second project, send a request to the administrator of this platform explaining the reasons.

  15. Is the money that I will raise taxable? 

    In several countries such amounts shall be considered as personal gifts (such as in the USA) or micro-donations, therefore they are not taxed; in any case, you should ask your tax advisor what applies in your specific case as tax system in each country is different.

  16. What percentage of efficiency does crowdfunding have?

    Crowdfunding is a new way to raise money, which was launched in the United States and has evolved rapidly, in parallel with social networking and the opportunities offered by modern technology. The international data show that if you cover 25% of the economic objective in the first few days, you get the critical mass and the chances of success are increased to approximately 90 %.

    The success rates and the amounts collected in several cases are impressive.

  17. I don’t have many friends on Facebook /twitter, am I not a suitable candidate?

    Since GIVE&FUND is a web platform, it is ideal for project creators to have several contacts in social media. Still if someone who does not have many friends is active and able to mobilize even a smaller number of contacts, he or she can achieve great results.

  18. Is it essential to have Facebook /twitter account or something similar?

    It is essential and necessary, because for the sake of transparency we ask the authors to register through the most popular social media. If you are not engaged in social media or not using the internet, seek for other means of financing or request someone who is familiar with using a PC and internet to assist you.

  19. If the project doesn’t achieve its goal, can I remove it from the platform?

    If your project has zero funding, you can request from the administrator to have it removed. However, if there is even a slightest offer, for the sake of transparency, it can’t be removed from the platform.

  20. You propose to upload a video, how do I do it? How long should it be? What kind of music should accompany it?

    A video can thrust the effectiveness of effort and it is well worth it. You don’t have to do a blockbuster, a simple, human video from one to four minutes long, where you’re introducing yourself and your ideas in a simple and genuine way, may be just enough to activate those seeing it.

    In the course of the effort you may want to change the original video with a new one.

    To upload a video, you need to prepare a file, which you can create using your smartphone or a simple digital camera. You then need to upload the video on YouTube and then insert the link in your personal page on GIVE&FUND.

    If you want to add music and still pictures, use copyright-free artwork at all times.

  21. How often do I make updates to my page?

    As often as you want! Each time you create an update, we recommend that you let your contacts and followers know. Remind them of the purpose, keep their interest alive and share the progress of the project with friends and supporters.

  22. What else should I do to increase or maximize the possibilities of reaching my financial goal?

    Share your updates in a dynamic and powerful way with your friends, acquaintances and more generally those who you think would be interested in your own project or your cause.

  23. What should I do before uploading a project in GIVE&FUND?

    Prepare! Here are a few simple tips that will help you in your quest.

    Put together lists with the e-mail addresses of your friends, prepare your strategy in social media (posts on FACEBOOK, tweets etc).
    Put together lists names of journalists, internet sites, blogs, forums, MEDIA etc you follow and know they would be interested in such projects or start-ups. Don’t address such contacts only in your own country, especially if you believe that your work may interest the public in other countries too.
    To the above categories send a brief press release, the past and the day your project gets in the air with a link of reference to your personal page presentation in platform
    The first few days of your campaign are very important because statistical results indicate that if you manage to cover 25% of your economic objective in the first few days, you get the critical mass and the chances of success are increased by about 90%.
    Start one or two days before the upload of your project with a "soft opening, where you would tell friends and acquaintances who you think they would be one of the first to support you. It is highly important for psychological reasons for people who would wish to support you but have not yet made the decision, to see that before them there are other people supporting you and that they will put their funds in a successful project and not in a project which is not convincing and does not even touch the close environment of the creator.
    Very important are the last days of the period of time that you’ve put: then you must be very active. In the meantime to balance the reduced interest, take care of the updates even if you have achieved your financial goal.
    Don’t forget to do follow ups.

  24. Can I restrict sending of updates only to my supporters?

    Yes, but you do really want to? Remember that your goal is to find funding, so the more people know about the project the better it is for you!

  25. How will I find my supporters to thank them and offer them what I promised in rewards?

    With the completion of the project you will obtain from GIVE&FUND a list with contact information of your supporters in excel, so you will be able to address them directly.

  26. If someone from my friendly or family environment wishes to offer me money outside GIVE&FUND’s platform, is it possible? Or is it mandatory to accept money only through GIVE&FUND’s platform?

    Of course, you can get money outside this platform, however only money received via GIVE&FUND counts towards your financial goal.

  27. If I want to remove a project from this platform, what can I do?

    If you have not received funding contact the admin and the project will be closed. If you have received even the smallest amount of funding and you wish to stop the process of fundraising, the project can no longer be financed and will close, but it will continue to appear as a project which did not achieve its financial target.

  28. I would like to begin the process, what are the steps?

    Crowdfunding is a new way to raise money, which was launched in the United States and has evolved rapidly, in parallel with social networking and the opportunities offered by modern technology. The international data show that if you cover 25% of the economic objective in the first few days, you get the critical mass and the chances of success are increased to approximately 90 %.
    The success rates and the amounts collected in several cases are impressive.

  1. What are startups and which ones can seek funding?

    Startups are private, group, associative or organizational attempts to offer a service, application, product for a commercial profit. They are usually started by innovative people who are looking for some capital in order to get their startup going.

  2. Why should someone support my idea? 

    Because you will offer your supporter something useful and innovative in exchange. 
    Because they can be the first to participate in something new and exciting. 
    Because someone may like your idea! 
    Because they were inspired by your presentation and impressed with your passion. 
    Finally, because of all the same reasons that you yourself want to create and put out in the market something new and innovative.

  3. Why is GIVE&FUND the right platform to get funding for startups?

    GIVE&FUND will give you all the tools to be able to successfully get all the funding you need for your startup. You can upload your own project on a personalized page, share it with friends through social media and make it known to the community. We charge less commission in comparison to other crowd funding websites, which ultimately means for money for you to realize your idea! 

  4. How can I get started? 

    Follow the registration instructions and start by creating your own page on the GIVE&FUND site. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes. Then, if you don’t have one already you have to create your own PayPal account. After, you will submit your project for approval and in one or two working days you will get your go-ahead from the administrator of the site and your project will be on the web! Then you can start mobilizing your friends, family – any acquaintance or contact actually – especially through social media so that your project can become viral and you can get your funding support. 

  5. How long will it take to find the funding for the project? 

    You have a maximum of 45 days to get the funding for your startup. If you have not gotten the funding in that timeframe, or at least 90%, then the contributions will go back to the donors.

  6. What do you mean by ’’rewards’’ and what kind of rewards should I offer? 

    Everybody is asked to put together a framework of rewards for their supporters. The smarter, more useful and more appealing these rewards can be, the greater are the chances that you will get your funding support.

  7. Is it compulsory to offer rewards? 

    For startup projects it is. These are not charity causes; they are clear exchange proposals that will create a win-win situation for both parties – the creator and the supporter. 

  8. Do the rewards have to be connected to the project? 

    It would be better if they were somehow connected to the startup idea, but it is up to you to decide what you want to offer your supporters.

  9. How many rewards should I offer? Should I propose more than one type of rewards or more than one rewards to each donor? 

    You can offer as many rewards to your donors as you wish, but it is advisable to simply give them a sample of what would be created by your startup. You are not “selling” your product or service to your donors, you are thanking them and giving them a chance to see what they have supported.

  10. If I promise a reward and then never deliver it, what will happen? 

    You will lose all credibility with the people that have supported you, certainly not a great “start” for your startup enterprise! 

  11. If I promise to send the rewards by a certain date and can’t make it by then? 

    This is something that certainly can happen. When planning your delivery dates, put in a margin of time to give space for all those unpredictable things that always happen! If, you anyway are going to be off schedule, be up front and honest with your supporters and most of the times people will understand.

  12. Can I remove one of my rewards? 

    Yes, as long as no one has selected it. If they have, you should deliver what you have promised.

  13. Can I add a reward? 

    You can, as you can add the same reward again if you see that the available number is being used up.

  14. What are the minimum and the maximum reward levels I should offer? 

    Usually, reward levels are between three and eight levels.

  15. If I don’t achieve my financial target, what happens to the funds I have collected? 

    The funds that were given by your donors are held by GIVE&FUND for the whole 45-day sourcing period. If you succeed in achieving your funding goal, the funds are released into your account. If you do not succeed, the money is returned automatically to your supporters.

  16. Why are the funds returned, why can’t I keep at least the money I have collected? 

    Because the donations that were given were for you to get started in creating a new product or service. If you do not receive the funds that you have stated you need in order to get started, then it is most likely that it won’t happen. Also, your supporters are expecting to get rewards in exchange, which you won’t be able to provide if you haven’t gotten your idea off the ground. If you don’t have adequate funds to get started it is only fair that the money goes back to your contributors. Next time you will do better.

  17. And if I manage to gather 90 % of my financial target? 

    If you have stated in your presentation that you will be able to startup your project even with 90% of the funding goal, and if this will not affect the rewards you will give your supporters, then we consider the funding complete and you get your money.

  18. When are the funds released into my account? 

    Once you have reached your funding target and your timeframe is up, then your funds are immediately transferred to your PayPal account. From there you can transfer the money to your bank account.

  19. Can I launch more than one project at the same time? 

    We recommend that you don’t. You will need to concentrate on promoting your startup project and making sure it is successful. If you do succeed, any future attempts you make for other projects will be even more appealing to a donor.

  20. What commission will be taken out of the money raised? 

    GIVE&FUND charges a 4.5% + 0.20 euro cents from every donation while PayPal charges additionally 3.4% + 0.30 euro cents from all the funds gathered. Also, you have to calculate the 23% VAT charged on the commission, but not on the donation money. This is only applicable to creators from the EU, though citizens from other countries may have other taxes that apply.If VAT charges are made, which do not apply to a specific case, those charges will be refunded after the completion of the project. 
    There is no other charge to the creator and there is no charge applied to the donor. Please refer to PayPal’s site for further information on their specific charges. 
    For example, if you raise 1.000 euros from 20 supporters, GIVE&FUND commission will be 45 + 4 (20 x 0, 20) = 49 euros and Paypal transaction fee 34 euros + 6 (20 x 0, 30) = 40 euros. In total 89 euros in commissions. From the 1.000 euros you have raised you will keep the 911. If you are Creator based in Europe you have to calculate a + 11,27 euro for VAT. If the number of the supporters changed you are going to have a minor differences in commission charging. 

  21. Could a supporter get shares or bonds on my startup enterprise? 

    No, we don’t allow these to be offered as a reward for a donation.

  22. How can I be assured that someone won’t steal my idea? 

    Nobody can guarantee that. But you could patent and register your design, logo, sign you would have done anyway if and when you launch your idea in the marketplace. 

  23. What success rates does crowd funding have for startups?

    Success depends on many factors: how well you present your idea, what kind of rewards you offer to your supporters, how well you can mobilize your family and friends through social media. The successful presentation of your idea will depend highly on what kind of visual material you will use – with video presentations usually increasing greatly your chances of getting your desired funding. Statistically, it has been shown that those projects that get 25% - 30% of their funding goal within the first couple of days of launching their idea are the most likely to be successful in gaining the full amount.

  24. I am embarrassed to ask my friends and family for money. Isn’t it like begging? 

    You are not begging for money but rather giving them the opportunity to be part of your creative idea and dreams. In any case, you are offering them rewards for their support. Just make sure that what you offer to reward them is actually a fair exchange and valuable; if it is not, you probably will not succeed in getting your funding. Think of the reward system as more of a test pilot case to try out your product or service. It could actually lead you to modify or alternate your idea in order to better respond to what people want.

  25. I don’t have many friends on facebook / twitter, maybe this way of getting funding is not suitable for me? 

    Since GIVE&FUND is an online crowdfunding platform, it is ideal for a creator to have as many friends or contacts on social media as possible. But it may also be the case that someone with not so many friends or contacts may be very active in presenting the project, sharing project updates and thus motivating a great number of people to support the idea. 

  26. Is it compulsory to have facebook / other social media account? 

    It is, as for transparency reasons GIVE&FUND will request a registration through an email or a social media account. If you are not active no social media or not very familiar with using the internet, you may want to consider other ways of raising funds to support your business idea, or you may ask one of your friends who knows more about how the internet and social media work to help you out. 

  27. If my project gets zero or limited funds, can I remove it from the platform? 

    Yes, you may send a request to the platform administrator to remove your project or make it non visible.However, if you have received even limited funding compared to your target, then for transparency reasons your project will be visible online. 

  28. I read that I should develop a business plan for my idea, but I do not have any marketing or business background. What should I do? 

    You should try just answering these four simple questions: Why? How? When? What are the dangers impeding success? See startup tips.
    But if you are planning to go out in the marketplace, either with an innovative idea, or a simple application, an invention or a service –marketing and communications are key ingredients to guaranteeing their success. There are plenty of ideas out there but because many of them were not marketed correctly, they simply remained good ideas. If you do get your requested funding for your startup, then think seriously about including someone from the get-go who is an expert in marketing and communications.

  29. What else should I do in order to maximize my funding? 

    Plan ahead! Here are some tips that can help:
    Group list all the emails of your friends, family and contacts and prepare to contact them through social media (facebook, tweets etc.)
    Find contacts of journalists, Internet sites, blogs or other media outlets that might be interested in your type of startup. Don’t limit yourself only to your own country, especially if your idea might have international appeal.
    Send a short info brief and/or press release to the above lists of contacts and link them to your presentation page on the www.Give&Fund.comsite. 
    The first few days of your campaign are the most important! Statistically, it has been seen that if you are able in the first few days to gather 25% of your goal’s total, you have a 90% chance of success.
    Begin one or two days before your launching with a “soft opening” – informing your contacts about your idea and asking them to be the first to support you. It greatly influences people to see that others have already supported you and that their little donation towards your startup idea will be part of a successful endeavor. If, on the other hand they see that even your closest friends have not supported you it will be highly unlikely that others will support you as well. Nothing is as appealing as wanting to bet on a winner!
    The final days of your campaign will also be very important. Even if you have already achieved your funding goal, you should renew the information you are sending out and keep the momentum going.
    Don’t forget to follow up on your own to-do list and make sure you have done your best for the success of your project!

  30. It is recommended that I upload a video, how should I do this? How big should it be? Should I add music? 

    A video could blast your campaign forward! It is worth the effort. It doesn’t even have to be a Hollywood production – something simple, straightforward and personal and between one to four minutes at the most. The more genuine and sincere the appeal the better.
    Once you get your campaign started, you can at any time upgrade the initial video with another newer version. 
    The video file itself should not be too heavy. You can even film it with your smartphone or any simple camera. Then upload it onto youtube and provide the link on your personal presentation page on the platform.
    If you want to add music to your video, be careful that you are not infringing on any intellectual rights issues and make sure it is free or you have the right to use it.

  31. How often can I update my project page? 

    As often as you want! Every time you update your project profile page it is sent automatically to your contacts through social media networking. This way you remind people of your cause, you keep the interest alive and you can share the progress of your campaign with your supporters. 

  32. Can I send project updates only to my supporters? 

    Sure, but do you really want to do that? Don’t forget that your goal is to get funding, so the more people that find out about your project the better!

  33. How will I know who my supporters are so I can thank them and send them the rewards I promised? 

    With the successful win of your funding quest, who will receive from GIVE&FUND an excel sheet with a list of your supporters and their contact details.

  34. If a member of my family or a friend wants to donate money outside of the platform, is this possible? Or should I accept donations through my project page only? 

    Of course you can receive any donation or sponsorship externally to the site campaign, yet they will not count towards your economic goal. Thus, this will decrease your chances of reaching your goal and of getting all the funding from your other supporters.

  35. If I change my mind and do not longer wish to pursue online funding through this platform, what can I do?

    If you haven’t yet received any funding you will inform the site’s administrator and your project will be removed and won’t appear at all. Yet, if you have received any funding amount, even if that is only 1 euro, the campaign will be shut down, the funding will be returned to the contributors and the project will continue to be listed on the site as a failed attempt for funding. 

  36. I want to get started, how do I begin?

    Follow the registration procedure and fill out the form with your details. Create a PayPal account, if you don’t already have one, and send your project’s presentation to the GIVE&FUND site. After one or two workdays, you will get the admin’s approval and your project will be on the air! Don’t forget to share it with all your family, friends and contacts!

  • Life Projects
  • StartUps
  1. I want to support a life project but I have questions for the creator of the project, what shall I do?

    You can communicate directly with the creator of the project by pressing the button "contact me", found on each project page. The questions arrive directly at the creator’s email and they can either respond back to you or post an update on the project page, as other people and potential supporters may have similar questions!

  2. What is the minimum and what is the maximum amount I can offer?

    From 5 euro/ dollar/pound or any other currency supported by the plaform to the amount of 2.000 USD. This policy is subject to PayPal policy changes. Also, please note that project supporters are only allowed to make four individual donations for each project. 

  3. Can I write a comment to the creator?

    Yes, you can, as long as your comment isn’t offensive. 

  4. Can I make an anonymous offer?

    You can choose to make an anonymous donation and not publish your name. The creator of the project however, for reasons of transparency, will be able to see the details of the donor.

  5. If I don’t want the reward, which is promised by the creator, can I not get it?

    In life projects rewards are not required, as opposed to startup projects, whereby the creators are encouraged to promise rewards to their supporters. However, if you are entitled to a reward and you do not wish to get it you may. You may also choose for a reward that corresponds to a lower donation amount. When accepting a reward, make sure you have calculated any potential shipping costs. 

  6. What happens if the creator of a project takes the money and doesn’t use it for the promised purpose?

    This is an issue that cannot be controlled. However, if someone addresses primarily friends, family and acquintances for a life project which is not then realised although the money needed has been raised, then we presume this person will primarily find it hard to explain this situation to his or her own family and friends environment first and then to any other.

  7. Why should I support someone financially, when I don’t even know him or her personally?

    If you don’t know the creator personally or you have doubts, you do not have to offer your support! However, if you want any additional information and clarification, you can always ask for the answers you need.

  8. What is the average donation for a life project? 

    This depends on the project, its presentation, the networking and activation of the creator. On an international level the average donation for a life project varies between 30-80 Euros/dollars.

  9. Do I need a credit card or can I deposit in a bank or send a check?

    All transactions on this platform proceed only through credit/debit card or PayPal account. PayPal is a global online system, which uses the highest level of safety for the transactions it supports. You can read all relevant information at

  10. Will the money I offer be deducted from my tax statement?


  11. Will I get a receipt?

    You will receive electronic receipt of the deposited amount by PayPal’s mechanism.

  1. I want to support a project but I have questions about the creator, what shall I do?

    You should first check if he has a FAQ section on his presentation page and if your questions are included. Then you can contact him directly by clicking the Contact me button. Your questions go directly to the creator’s email address and he or she will reply to you personally. The creator may also upload an update on his project page, based on your questions.

    Please note that only questions relevant to the project are to be answered by the creator.

  2. What is the minimum and maximum amount of money to be donated?

    A donation can start from 5 euros / dollars / pounds or 5 units of any other currencies supported by the platform and can amount up to 2000 USD. Changes to that policy may occur, depending on PayPal policy changes.It is also iimportant to note that each contributor may make up to four individual donations on each project.

  3. May I post a comment?

    You may, if you are a project contributor or registered user of the platform. 

  4. May I offer anonymously?

    Yes. Your donation will not be visible to the public but the creator will know where the money donated comes from.

  5. If I do not want the reward may I not have it?

    Yes, it is up to you.

  6. Can I pick a reward from a different category in the project?

    Yes, as long as it is offered for a smaller amount of money.

  7. What if the creator gets the money and does not use it for the purpose mentioned in his or her page?

    There is always a possibility that something like that happen. However, by creating and posting his or her own personal page on the platform, each creator is exposed to a great number of people, many of whom are his or her close friends and acquaintances. Still, if you don’t know the creator or you do not trust his purpose, there is no reason for you to fund the project.

  8. What if I don’t receive the rewards promised by the creator? May I take legal action?

    You may, but we advise you to consult a lawyer first.

  9. Why should I support financially someone I don’t know?

    If you don’t know the creator or have doubts you do not need to offer any funds. If you would like some more information you may ask the creator any questions relative to the project. There are many reasons though, why you would support a start up project:
    Because you like the rewards offered and believe there is value for money.
    Because you are a pioneer yourself and want to try something new before others do.
    Because you want to support an innovation or an achievement.
    Because in the future you may want to have your own startup project and want others to support you.
    Because you have experienced similar situations in the past and believe the cause is worth it.

  10. How much money is given by each supporter for a project on an average basis?

    It depends on the project, the presentation, the motivation and connections of the creator. Internationally the average donation ranges from 30 to 80 Euros/USD.

  11. Do I need a credit/debit card or is it possible to proceed with a money deposit?

    All transactions on GIVE&FUND’s platform occur only through credit/debit card or a PayPal account. PayPal is a global online system, which uses the highest level of safety for the transactions it supports. More information on PayPal can be found here.

  12. Is the money I offer deductable from my tax declaration?

    No, it is not.

  13. Will I get a receipt?

    Yes, you will receive electronic receipt of the deposited amount by PayPal’s mechanism.

  1. What is the function ‘Ambassadors’?

    It is a unique opportunity provided by giveandfund, which allows each project creator to get closer to his goal. Ambassadors may be individuals or companies who want to support the purpose or cause of the project essentially by collecting donations for the project through their own friends and acquaintances, individuals or companies. The money goes directly to the project creator without having to engage Ambassadors in any financial transaction.

  2. Who can become a project ambassador?

    Anyone, who is inspired by and wishes to support an idea or a project. It can be either individuals, people who know or are acquainted with the project creator, or other people who have been inspired by the project and wish to engage their own friends and social media contacts to support that idea. For obvious reasons, it would make sense for someone who wants to become a project ambassador not to ask others to support a project financially if they themselves have not made a donation first!

  3. Can an Ambassador be a company or an organization?

    Yes, of course! It is also really nice to see the activation and engagement of colleagues or business partners in a good cause or an original idea.

  4. What can ambassadors do?

    They can communicate the project or idea they support to friends, relatives, physical contacts, business contacts or social media contacts. This can be done by phone, emails, using social media, but in other ways such as organizing fundraising events to raise money - that is, in any possible way ambassadors can think of. Active ambassadors can play a vital role to the success of the project, just think how much easier it would be for project creators to reach their financial goal if they have one or more active ambassadors to support or endorse them!/div>

  5. There is any type of recognition for project ambassadors?

    Each ambassador has essentially his or her own page within the project page, an own section with their picture, their personal message and even their own short bio or message. All donations attracted by that particular ambassador fall under his or her own page / section, so it is very easy to see who is very active in supporting the project and with what results.

  6. How can I become an ambassador?

    You need to communicate directly with the project creator, send an electronic photo with your name / surname and a short message for yourself, and the project creator with upload this information on the relative tab of the project.

  7. As a Project Creator, how can I add, an Ambassador to My Project?

    It is very simple to do that. You need to login on the platform with your email & password, choose 'my project' button and then, in your project icon, you will see on the top left section two options, namely «settings» & «export data". Choose the "settings" option. This will lead you to page of the project, where you usually upload photos, video, text, etc. Under the tab photos you will see an additional tab named "Add ambassador". Choose that tab and add the name, surname, short message / photo of the ambassador you wish to create and you are all set! The red X is used to remove the Ambassador from your project page.

  8. What it takes to become an Ambassador?

    Contact the Project Creator and inform him/her, that you would like to become Ambassador. Send a picture, name, surname and message (simple message, title, a short biography). It may be only a "good luck"!

  9. What kind of Projects uses Ambassadors?

    All projects can use ambassadors, but especially prefer Non Profit Organizations, Sports clubs, athletes and all these project and ideas that can make somebody proud for its contribution and involvement. An example is marathons and sporting events where participants choose to compete with a NGOs or company that raises money for a good cause.