Step Two: Share the project with the community

OK so you' ve set up your own fundraising page. You've described your life project, business idea or charity goal in a simple, nice and neat way. What you need to do know is let people know of your project and seek possible contributors!

The best way to do so is through your own social media channels. Prepare regular posts for your facebook page, share the news with your contacts or followers on twitter, and if you seek funding for a new business idea, you may also consider linkedin. Ask your contacts to share your project with their own contacts. You will then be reaching out to a greater number of people and have more chances of seeking the contributors you need to fund your project!

It is also important to post regular updates on your project, especially over the first couple of weeks of your fundraising effort and the last few days before the deadline. Global statistics show that this timeframe is the most important one for the successful funding of your project, so it is critical to keep your social media friends and contacts active.