Help us reduce Youth Unemployment in Greece!

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Support our Social Entrepreneurship Incubator Program and create social impact!



Do you want to make a Social Change? Help us reduce Youth Unemployment in Greece and create Social Impact!


Who we are

Solidarity Mission is a non-profit organization based in Athens, Greece, which has the mission to contribute to the development of Social & Solidarity Economy. Our team consists of highly experienced consultants, coaches, mentors, and trainers, who are willing to support young social entrepreneurs to make the difference.

Why Solidarity Mission?

Solidarity: Solidarity is the fundamental value that characterizes the relationships and transactions among the organizations of Social & Solidarity Economy.

Mission: Every person and organization has a mission, and the fulfillment of this mission contributes to the building of a solidarity world.


What we want to do

We are launching our first Incubator Program in the beginning of March 2016 in Athens. The Social Entrepreneurship Incubator Program supports young unemployed people, who are willing to establish social enterprises and social innovations that give a solution to a social issue.

The purpose of the program is to contribute to youth unemployment reduction and development of social & solidarity economy.

The Incubator provides supporting and business consulting services, useful for the planning and establishment of start-up social enterprises. Apart from the support in entrepreneurship subjects, we focus on soft skills and teamwork development among the members of social enterprises.

We strongly believe, that cooperation and effective communication are vitally important factors of the success of social enterprises. Therefore, we implement innovative development methods, such as coaching & mentoring, and contemporary holistic methods like transformation game and systemic constellation.

The duration of the program is five months, from March until July 2016.


The Social Impact

The Unemployment rate in Greece is more than 24%, which is the highest in Europe, while the Greek Youth Unemployment rate is more than 49%. Social Entrepreneurship is one of the solutions to create new jobs, especially for young educated people, and to turn the Greek economy to development.

Our services will help unemployed people to create social enterprises, and, while having a job, they will employ others and create products and services, that help the society. 

So as a contributor, you will make a valuable difference for the society and show your solidarity with Greece.

Support our campaign and be a Missioner!


What We Need & What You Get

We strongly believe in human solidarity as a value, and we want to launch the first Solidarity Mission Incubator funded by human-to-human.

Your contribution is vitally important to launch the Solidarity Mission Incubator and will help us cover the cost of the provided services.  Each contribution will support the establishment and development of the incubated social enterprises and create social value!

Due to the fact that we would like to recognize and award your support, we have designed some unique perks, including Greek handmade products and holidays in beautiful Greece!

  • 5 'Thank you' letter by e-mail!

You will receive a "Thank you" letter by e-mail from Solidarity Mission team.

  • 10 Greeting on Facebook!

You will receive thank you greetings on facebook. Follow our page!

  • 20  'Thank you' desktop wallpaper!

You will receive a desktop wallpaper with your name "Thank you, 'Tom', for your support and solidarity".

  • 50 'Thank you' T-Shirt!

You will receive a T-shirt with the message "Thank you for your support and solidarity" (shipping cost is not included).

  • €200 Basket of Greek products!

You will receive a basket of three organic Greek products (shipping cost is not included).

  • 500 Big Basket of Greek products!

You will receive a big basket of seven organic Greek products (shipping cost is not included).

  • 1.000 Athens Tour & hosting for 2!

You will have the great opportunity of 3 Day hosting and city tour in Athens for two people (travel tickets to Greece are not included).

  • 1.500 3 Day Workshop & Hosting!

You will have the great opportunity of 3 Day Greek cuisine workshop and hosting in an agricultural farm in Greece (travel tickets to Greece are not included).

  • 3.000 5 Day Guided Tour & Hosting!

You will have the great opportunity of 5 Day Guided Tour in Peloponnese area of Greece & hosting in an agricultural farm (travel tickets to Greece are not included).

  • 5.000 Honor Award and Holidays!

You will have the great opportunity of 5 Day guided tour in Peloponnese for one person, including hosting in an agricultural farm. In addition, you will participate in our Solidarity Mission Conference in July, where all the participants will thank you for your contribution. Moreover, you will receive an honor award of most valuable contributor (travel tickets to Greece are not included).


Other Ways You Can Help

Besides contribution, you are very welcome to help us promote our campaign by sending via email to your contacts, posting to your blog/website, or sharing on social media.

For more information visit our website:


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